Data-Enabled and Spontaneous Researcher Networking at an International Conference

From the Science of Team Science (SciTS) Conference 2014:


This case study explores the use of both data-enabled and spontaneous researcher networking activities among attendees at an international conference based in Seoul, South Korea, in an attempt to utilize knowledge from the Science of Team Science field and discern best practices in their application.

Data-enabled networking activities included an advance survey of all attendees to find participants willing to participate in networking activities, and then suggesting networking partners based upon methodological expertise, methodological needs, and common interests. Response rates and participant feedback will be discussed.

Spontaneous networking activities were also made available to attendees stopping by a physical networking space made available for the duration of the conference. Activities included live browsing of research networking tools and a system for making requests related to research and responding to the requests of others, based upon sociological theories of reciprocity. Participation rates and participant feedback will be discussed.

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