Connect and Collaborate: Current Approaches to Research Networking

From the NCURA Region IV/V Spring 2012 meeting


Oliver Bogler, Sr. VP Academic Affairs, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Jeff Horon, Consultant


The research landscape is increasingly interdisciplinary and international in nature, and competition for funding is more intense than ever. Institutions want to enhance collaboration between researchers and between institutions to drive interdisciplinary research and secure more funding. While scholars know many of their key colleagues in their own fields of study, they often struggle to find appropriate collaborators outside of their disciplines. Research networking tools and national research networking initiatives are being implemented at many leading research institutions in the United States to help researchers find collaborators. International interest and participation in research networking is also growing. This session will explore some of the research networking initiatives in place today and showcase The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s development of a global cancer network.

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